John & Mary Katherine, Owners of Object Biographies

We're John and Mary Katherine, husband and wife team behind Object Biographies

I (Mary Katherine) have been dealing vintage furniture and antiques professionally since 2011, except for a 2 year hiatus living abroad in Costa Rica.
When we moved there we sold everything except what we could fit in 5 suitcases. I think we're better at this now because of it.
I love history and beautiful things, but I also like to remind myself they're just things!
John is the yang to my yin & handles all logistics, repairs, dangerous power tools, website construction, and way more stuff than I could ever list.

Henry & Santa Jr.
My design philosophies include:
   1) never taking yourself too seriously
   2) "trendy comes right before tacky" (Karl Lagerfeld)
   3) "one should never be the oldest thing in one's house" (Patsy Stone).
We live in Hattiesburg, MS with our 7-year old son Henry and a very energetic shih tzu named Santa Jr.